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01-23-2010, 01:13 PM

This is a all metal no rust, never been any, 5 year old BLACK CHERRY base coat clear coat,(one small paint chip on the pssgr side door jamb area)..small nicks here and there around the lower doors, lazer straight 55 post, filled in gas tank door. All chrome is 8-10, most is new, and all there including new hood bird, not on it,have on table....holes filled.. and headlights and taillights are euro and led.

It is owned by me with a clear title. My father traded a 69- Z 28 super pro camaro full tube BBC for it. The previous owner told me we were the 3rd owner. He was a racer as was my father. He had begun to build this car to a bracket car and then decided his father, the first owner, would not approve and the sentimental value he said caused him to look into a trade. He had a 9" -380 gear, coil overs, under it and tubs.

A 4 point roll bar, and fuel cell, I think about 15-20 gal. He has sheet metal inside door panels front and rear and a pair of plastic racing seats, but then he had put in new carpet, headliner, and a ratchet shifter on the hump. That is where he quit. It had a real sick BB in it that was hitting on maybe 7 and a half ass 350 turbo.

When we got it home my dad decided that he was going to do a front third resto and work his way back as money and time allowed. He got it in Jan 06 and began the work, he took off the front end and took the frame to bare metal, it was all still stock. He took the firewall full of holes out in pieces and ordered a Direct sheet metal all smooth with the 4" recess for the BB and fitted it for welding, etc. It had a 454 block that had low miles 74 in year, it was sent to a local builder with specs to run on pump gas but thump and bump.

He put an all new Comp outfit in after all the machining and estimates a lot of thump, also put on 69 427 heads, so home it came. Dad found a polished BB cross ram out fit, beautiful, never seen another one like it,paid 2k, pair of brite finish edlebrok carbs and aluminum linkage, ordered hi torque starter, coated headers, and then he found out he had cancer. As soon as dad began treatments his car rebuilding had to stop.

Not to be outdone he kept ordering parts.....front 2" drop spindles and springs, cross drilled rotor disc brake outfit, Chrome master cylinder and booster, all the bushing and hardware to install front end. A friend chrome powder coated the stock upper and lower a arms.......

Long story short over the past years he had done nothing but order,jegs summit, and e bay parts and pack them into the interior of the car, new Cadillac electric leather heated seats, aluminum radiator big core, electric fans, electric water pump, chrome alternator, wheelie bars, he was going pro street look and feel, new wiring harness, gauges, Tach, really cool looking dash insert, have the dash and clock bezels out for refinishing, etc etc, have all the stock parts still, brakes, spindles, steering and on and on.

This is a beautiful 55, for a decent wrencher a stunning car is not to far off...It really is all there it needs finished. I am open to discussion and debate.

My father passed on from the cancer which spread to the brain in November of 09 so it has to go.. Honestly it kills me to have to do so, if I could I would have it re-built and keep it no doubt. But my mom and I are trying to move down south as I am going to UF this fall.. and we dont even know where to begin on how to get it up and going again so we have to let it go.

I really am wanting and prefer cash, but if you have something you want to trade, I might consider it. I prefer a 94-02 reliable Camaro or Trans Am.


01-23-2010, 11:00 PM
Bump it

01-24-2010, 12:24 AM
sorry to hear your father passed.....he had great taste!

i wish i had the extra cash laying around.......good luck with the sale!

01-24-2010, 10:00 AM
Thanks! =)

01-25-2010, 01:27 AM
Sorry about your father. My father in law is just about done with his bout with colon cancer. Beautiful car and love the color, but FWIW it's not a Bel Air. It's either a 150 or a 210.

01-28-2010, 04:29 PM
Its still forsale! Beautiful 55!