View Full Version : drewwrxrogers owes me money

02-05-2010, 02:11 PM
About a month ago I sold a granatelli fuel pump to drewwrxrogers. I sold it to him for $50. No problem, he sent me the money and then called and said he wanted it next day air, so I said sure it will be $25 to ship so give me $12.50 and I will split shipping with you and we can move with this. He said "how about you ship it and then I pay you, just to protect myself ". He didn't want to pay more without knowing that I had already shipped the pump. I said no problem I trust that you will send the money, so I shipped it and he still hasnt paid.
Its only $12.50, but its just the principal that he can't be trusted. Basically I sold him a $125 fuel pump for $25 and it was damn near brand new.
Bottom line is he can't be trusted, just wanted to make all others aware.

Devils Mentor
02-05-2010, 02:18 PM
$12.50 or $1,250 it is your money and he owes you, and you are right it is the principal behind it! If someone asks me if they can borrow $5 then I EXPECT to get paid back, or I will come looking for you, why... be cause of the principal behind it all! However, if I GIVE you $5 then it is a gift.

Regardless of the amount a thief is a thief! Good luck Bro!