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02-17-2010, 11:16 AM
I've been reading the forum for about a year or so, now that i'm a member i still won't post much. I finally talked my buddy into selling me his SS about a month or so ago. It's a 99 Hardtop. Black, with tan interior. It's pretty much got an LS6 in it.. Not new to Chevy's, I had a 68 Chevelle and a 97 RCSB. The day my buddy got the Camaro, i told him if he thought about selling it, call me first. So now I have it. It's a 6spd, the only SLP options are the SS package items since it's a 99. It's got the ZR1 wheels, painted black (everyone likes the black on black, i'm not so sure..) Around town I've seen a red 2000 SS, a couple black WS6s a white WS6 and 2 or 3 blue WS6s. I've also got a 90 model Eagle Talon i just can't part with. It's like a cracked out go kart. Not to mention i just put a motor and tranny in it. You'll see it in rural cornfields, dirt roads, etc.. It needs to be painted. I've been thinking about doing like a ls2 408 and the Silverado SS AWD to the Talon. One day.. I Much prefer the site to the "other one." but like i said, I probably won't have much to talk about. i read more than talk.