View Full Version : Nashville, TN cruise in May 1st

04-14-2010, 12:26 PM

This is our local cruise in, and I know you guys need a reason to get the toys out!!!

Anyways, I just wanted to post up here, as I am bringing out my trans am for the first time since we tore it down about 1.5 years ago. Would love to have the F-body's OWN this cruise in!!!!:naughty:

Here's the "build thread" on my TA if anyone wanted to waste a little time at work today, hahaha.

Mall location:

7620 Hwy 70 S
Nashville, TN 37221

We usually meet at a shop about 15 minutes from the cruise in and pull in together. The cruise in starts at 5 and usually lasts till about 8:30. From there we usually head to a resturant or low key bar to hang out.