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04-14-2010, 02:01 PM
So long story short i found a member parting out a car, and pm'd him asking if he had a part, said he did and told me x amount shipped, alright great, well i personally don't have paypal so i had a coworker do it since i don't really buy enough stuff to justify having one. So anyways asked the guy to send me a picture, took a couple days got the picture, great. So then monday afternoon i had my co worker paypal him and i sent him a pm saying i had sent the paypal. No response, So i emailed the account he sent the picture from, no response. I know i'm being slightly on the impatient side and mainly just wanting feedback from members, how long do i wait before i become impatient? I mean i understand people get busy and have other stuff going on, hell i work two jobs and go to school so i'm usually running on a 14 hr day or more everyday, so any feedback is appreciated. I guess in my opinion its not too hard to say hey i shipped it and heres the tracking number. guess thats all i'm asking for. I don't want to give out his user name quite yet just because if it is just he got busy then no big deal.

Thank you.