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05-12-2010, 10:25 AM
IL - FOR SALE 1992 BMW 325i – 402 CI LS2 6 Speed Conversion - SLEEPER!

You are not going to see another one like it anytime soon :)

Price: $19,500 or reasonable offer

Pics Gallery at -

It is also currently listed on eBay as Item 190396387530

1992 BMW 325i with a 6.6 Liter LS2 and 6 speed T56. 95,xxx miles on the car around 15k miles on the swap. I drive it every day.

Previously I had this drivetrain in a 95 M3, but I swapped over everything (including the M3 suspension bits to this car in November 2009. This drivetrain swap was done in summer of 2007.

Yes it is fast, yes it is cool and yes it will turn around and smack you in the head if you don’t pay attention.

It makes somewhere around 550 hp. It will run low 12’s with consistent trap speeds of 116 on as it sits in the pictures with full air pressure and no tricks – drive it to the track, drive it down the track and drive it home. It is usually the quickest car that didn’t arrive on a trailer. With drag radials, ice bags on the intake, etc. it would certainly be into the 11’s. Put a 150 shot of nitrous on it (the short block could handle it) and who knows?

The idea behind this car was to build a sleeper, which is why it is a 4 door and the body isn’t “perfect” and it does not have a lot of “race” cues. I think it was fairly successful; it certainly is a lot of fun.

I drive this car almost every day and everything works as it should. I have driven this drivetrain in 100 degree summer heat and -20 winter cold and in the snow (but only with snow tires, on the summer tires you won’t get to the end of your block. You need to pay attention in the rain as well). It is a ton on fun.

I have never kept a project car this long after it was finished and it is time to move on.

Here are the details (as many as I can remember and fit):

CAR – 1992 BMW 325i, Glacier Blue Metallic with black interior. All items called “new” have approximately 15k miles on them unless otherwise noted.


402 aluminum block with fully forged internals from Texas-speed with -10cc dish pistons
L92 heads, box stock and .650 lift springs (these are about 4k miles old)
Cam is 230/236 .590 .601 with 114 LSA
Hardened 7.425 pushrods
LS7 lifters (these are bout 4k miles old)
L76 intake manifold (about 4k miles old)
Holley 90MM TB (about 4k miles old)
Corvette fuel pressure regulator mounted under the car
New 255LPH Walbro fuel pump
58 lb injectors
New water pump
New AC compressor
New AC Condenser
New oil pump
New Bosch 02 sensors
Alternator has about 1500 miles on it.

1 3/4” custom long tube full stainless headers with v-band collectors
Dual 3” exhaust through dual 3” cats then through a Maganflow Y pipe to a single 3” pipe to the largest Magnaflow muffler that I could fit under the car with a single 3” tip. It is all stainless and uses the factory hangers. I painted the muffler black to go with the sleeper theme.
New M Coupe radiator with a Volvo 2 speed fan, all run by the stock PCM.

The PCM was tuned by me using the PLX wideband that is permanently installed and will be sold with the car


T-56 six speed, fully rebuilt by RPM transmission.
LS7 Clutch and flywheel
Remote clutch bleeder


The ENTIRE suspension is from a 95 M3 (except for the front strut top mounts, which are 96+ e36 M3 for better caster angle)
Engine mount reinforcements welded in and front cross member powder coated.
Rear sway bar reinforcements welded in
New sway bar bushings front and rear
Stock sway bars powder coated
New RTABs, new trailing arm front bushings
Rear RTAB cassette mounting holes welded as well (as suggested by Turner Motorsports).
New diff cradle bushings
New factory replacement shocks
Factory springs powder coated
New rear “wishbones” and bushings.
New rear lower control arms
New front control arms
New brake calipers
New rotors
New stock pads (very dusty but they work great)
New brake flex lines
New rebuilt 3.46 rear diff with 3 clutches per side and quicker ramp rate.
New M3 half shafts
New Differential bushings
Front Differential bolt was placed in double shear with a plate welded to the front of the diff.
Hydroboost brake booster

Wheels are e46 staggered sport wheels, tires are General UHP (which work pretty good), the fronts (225-45/17) are like new, the rears (245-40/17) are perpetually worn (imaging that!) and are down to about 20%.

Body and interior:

New Front and rear bumper covers painted black with 3M Bumper Paint.

Lower valence painted black with 3M Bumper Paint.

Large dent on the driver’s door.

It is in good shape but nothing approaching a show car – it is very typical for a 22 year old car. There are dings and small dents, but the paint is still glossy and the car looks very ordinary. The body shows no signs of any accidents. The left side of the car appears to have been painted at some point in the past.

The car has a Scan Gauge OBD II scan tool hooked up under the HVAC controls,

It has a JVC head unit and I replaced the speakers in front with separates using one of the factory mounts for the tweeters. It has a remote input for ipods, etc. I removed the rear speakers and added a elemental designs 10” sub in a custom fiberglass box. There are 2 amps mounted to a custom panel on the truck deck. Not fancy but it sounds good.

Things you should know:

The car has NO AIRBAGS. It originally came with a single stage airbag in the steering wheel, but I didn’t trust a 22 year old airbag and it is disconnected.

The car has NO ABS.

There is some paint bubbling at directly behind the driver’s side rear door, it is on the surface and below the paint.

The seat heaters don’t work and I never tried to fix them.

I am sure that I have not listed everything, but you get the idea.

The pics were taken as I drive it – no special prep or detailing and I would NEVER show pictures of a wet car so you can’t tell what it really looks like.

05-12-2010, 10:53 AM
So is this a 1995 BMW M3 or a 1992 BMW 325i?

05-12-2010, 10:54 AM
I will edit the typo.

It is 1992 325i. I previously the drivetrain in a 1995 M3.

05-18-2010, 06:28 PM
Bump! Price lowered to $18,000

05-27-2010, 04:34 PM
Bump, fire sale price - PM me if you are interested.