View Full Version : pushrod length question

05-29-2010, 09:06 PM
Guys, I just finished a head swap on the 3800...I bought 7.00" pushrods thinking I will need to be a little shorter now that I have a total of .016 off the heads (including the gaskets) and considering my other pushrods were 7.05"

I don't exactly know how to check length, so I kinda just watched both pushrods in the heads as I manually cranked the engine, both seemed to look fine, so I opted to put the shorter 7.00" just for good measure. With the rocker arms fully torqued, and the rocker unsprung on the valvespring, I can rotate the pushrod, but not lift it.

After firing her up, I have a tick in my valvetrain...I am thinking it could be the pushrod is too my main question is...I need the car for work monday, how much harm can be done if I drive it to work assuming the pushrods are too short, then pull her apart monday night and fix it? Can I cause alot of damage?

05-30-2010, 12:26 AM
There is a tool to figure out your pushrod length. I'm doing mine tomorrow. If your pushrods are not the correct length they will prematurely wear out you valve guides. I dont think it happens over night but don't quote me on that.

Good Luck