View Full Version : 6/19/10: West TN F-body Association Dyno Day

06-16-2010, 01:53 PM
The West TN F-body Club is holding another dyno day at Spectacle Solutions in Memphis this Saturday to raise money for the club and get more enthusiasts together to join up. They will be having a small cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, and drinks and a full day of dyno pulls. With only a $30 donation to the club, you get 3 dyno pulls. That's less than half the normal price! They also use wideband, but if you don't already have a bung for the sensor, you will need to contact the shop to get one installed prior to the event. That will only run you $20 more though. You don't have to have an f-body to attend or to make a run, but this event is obviously geared toward recruiting new members. This is primarily a club for f-bodies, but there are a few members with various other GM vehicles, such as a GTO, classic Impala, and a G8. Keep in mind that members of the club run for free at this event and it's $30 to join up (the same as running as an independent). If you choose to join up though, you will get a free t-shirt, discounts at local shops and member group buys, private forum group access, special event bonuses, and it will be free for you once again the next time they do an event like this. Come on out and show support for the club and see how much power you are really putting down with all those mods. The event will start at 9:00 am and go all day until 5:00 pm.

*If you are interested in joining the club at this event, print and fill out the application sheet found in the link below and bring it with you along with the $30 sign-up fee.

Directions to Spectacle Solutions can be found in the link below:

07-11-2010, 08:32 PM
This even was a great success. Several new members joined up with out local club and everyone had a great time. Best numbers I think were from a stroked LS7 2010 Camaro that pud down around 650 rwhp. Hopefully we can get more members from this forum to come out next time we do it in a few months.