View Full Version : New to LS1 Tech..a few questions regarding ls motors

06-28-2010, 05:04 PM
Hey guys

Im in the process of deciding where to take my 78 Trans Am build. Im trying to decide where i want to go with my engine. I have a Pontiac 400 in now and its not to bad, prolly around 350 hp. At first i was sure that i was going to put a forged internal 455 with a roller cam hoping to make around 500+. Then I saw an ls1 swaped 77 trans am and , and now im not sure if want to go with the 455 or a modern ls series motor . My questions are regarding the strength and durability of a stock ls1. Im trying to watch my money as I do my project and Im looking for the best hp for the $. The 455 is appealing for the power that comes from the cubic inches but its expensive. Ive seen full running ls1's for far less then the 455 short block i had planned. Could an ls1 make 500+ with stock internals and what kind of money is needed to get it there. Also there is an "ls3" for sale near by, how can i tell its an ls3 and not an ls1? Is there any block casting number i can look for ?

Thanks Mike