Sponsor Group Purchases - ***Blackbird Lighting Sol. (BLS) 98-02 Projector Headlight GP #4 - LAST FOR THE YEAR!

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***BLS 98+ Firebird Projector Headlight Retrofit – GROUP BUY #4***

FIRST - BLS is NOT going out of business!!

Other Fbody lighting projects are taking up a lot of my time and this will be the final offering for this specific kit. Another GP may be available around the holidays however I would rather serve the Fbody community well rather than overpromise and underdeliver. Replacement components will still be available if needed as well as any customer service requests. Again, BLS is not going anywhere and will continue to be a supporting sponsor!!

GP GOOD THROUGH July 31st - Spots are limited!

Now entering the 4th GP, we are pleased to offer the most powerful and best performing lighting system for 98+ Firebirds EVER available on the market


Why these outperform other lighting choices on the market today:

These lights feature:
- Optical technology from Hella – (Well known manufacturer of BMW, Mercedes and other headlight components)
- Custom designed mounting system for ease of installation and easy adjustment
- Custom thermoformed impact resistant projector covers
- Custom designed aesthetic hardware covers
- Entirely Plug-N-Play – No cutting, grinding, stripping or permanent modification

Other lighting options:
1) OEM Headlights – Horrendous light output compared to 99% of other new cars produced today.

2) Sealed beam headlight upgrade (Silverstar) – Marginally better than OEM with slightly better color however light output is still very poor.

3) Sealed Beam Conversion – Allows for more lamp options and typically used with coated halogen bulbs producing better but not ground breaking results. Light output sometimes can be worse depending upon the lamp chosen and the coating on the aftermarket lamp.

4) E-Code Conversion Housings – A costly conversion for “better” conversion housings but still lacking the focus and performance of a projector.

5) Sealed Beam Conversion w/ HID Kit – This has been the popular upgrade with the 98+ Firebirds. While it offers color and, perceivably, the light output they want; the light patterns are very uncontrolled. Many have commented on the beam patterns with these kinds of setups and the light output can be sometimes dangerous for other drivers. Many questions regarding blinding other drivers requires the recommendation to "lower them down" reducing the effectiveness of the headlight system to begin with.

6) Fixed Headlight Conversion – Certainly the most expensive option ($1K+) with questionable performance, fitment and love it or hate it styling. The low beam uses a DOT approved non-projector housing which will not have the performance of a quality projector.

The BLS Kit Difference:

The color everyone wants – 5000K 55W Kit Pictured

Light intensity



Low Beam Cutoff – Low on the driver side to not blind oncoming drivers, high on the right to give you farther distance.


Light Output at 50’ – Width and light intensity are like night and day


Light output at 30’ with High/Low Beams On – Light spread is more pronounced the farther away you are but nothing will hide from these while they are on.


An installation CD will be packaged with each kit and if you can install a new headlamp in your car, this will not be much harder. Simple hand tools are the only requirement and will be outlined in the instruction manual so you have just what you need. Tolerances are very tight on these vehicles in the headlight area however these were designed to fit perfectly. The second picture shows that there is plenty of clearance with the front bumper since it appears closer than it really is in the first picture.

Lens to bumper clearance:



To adjust the lights, it requires no extra work than how you already adjust your factory headlights. Adjusters can be accessed in the same positions as the factory points so no shroud cutting or disassembly is required to adjust the projectors.



Comparison from stock lamps to the BLS kit



Customer Pictures








What You Get: Special Group Buy Pricing

Intro Kit: Low Beam Only - $500 shipped - Offered to those currently using a HID kit. New lamps required. (PM me for international shipping charges)

- Hella DOT/SAE 60mm Projector Low Beams
- Aluminum Mounting Frames
- Main Protector Cover Lenses
- Acrylic Hardware Cover
- Stainless Hardware
- Detailed Instruction Guide CD

Standard Kit: Low Beam Only - $550 shipped (PM me for international shipping charges)

- Hella DOT/SAE 60mm Projector Low Beams
- Aluminum Mounting Frames
- Main Protector Cover Lenses
- Acrylic Hardware Cover
- 55W Slim HID kit with Ballasts/Bulbs
- Stainless Hardware
- Upgraded HID Relay Harness with Plug-N-Play Connectors
- Detailed Instruction Guide CD

Premium Kit: Low & High Beams - $875 shipped (PM me for international shipping charges)

- Hella DOT/SAE 60mm Projector Low Beams
- Hella DOT/SAE Projector High Beams
- Aluminum Mounting Frames
- Main Protective Cover Lenses
- Acrylic Hardware Cover
- 55W Slim HID kit with Ballasts/Bulbs – Low Beam Only
- 65W Halogen lamps with Ceramic PnP connectors (Different lamps available at slight additional cost)
- Stainless Hardware
- Upgraded HID Relay Harness with Plug-N-Play Connectors
- Detailed Instruction Guide CD

HID Color Options (Low Beam Only)
4500K – White with slight hint of yellow
5000K – Bright White with touch of blue at the cutoff - Standard
6000K – White with Blue Tint
8000K – “Iceberg” Blue

Halogen Options (High Beam Only)
Optional Lamp Choices - Extra Charge Applies (Kit will include standard halogen lamps)
Yellow All Weather - 55W - $30
Ultra White - 55W - $30
Pure Blue - 65W - $40
Titanium White - 65W - $55

Group Buy Info:
The Group Buy will last through July 31st or until I receive at least 10 orders. Construction time is 3-4 weeks.

If you would like to purchase the BLS kit, please PM me with the title "I WANT THE BLS KIT" and I will send you the payment information.

BLS Website (http://www.blackbirdlighting.com/)

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