View Full Version : Need Help! SES light, car running sluggish!

07-19-2010, 12:11 AM
I have an 01 camaro z28, with the mods in my sig. Well anyways had the cam and some other stuff installed about a year ago. Car was tuned by someone I know and ran great. A couple months ago the transmission started acting funny every once in a blue moon, and the ses light came on. So I took it to autozone and they scanned it and It said I was having some shift solenoid problems. Well I was low on cash at the time, and since the problem happened rarely I thought I would wait to have it fixed. Well this week I noticed the car was still not only having occasional problems shifting down to first and up to fourth, but it was also feeling sluggish. So today I took it back to autozone and had it rescanned and again it showed me a shift solenoid stuck, and the code p0121 also came up. They told me it was a tps problem. I had them clear the codes as I am taking the car up to rpm transmissions this week, and now the car is running much stronger! So my question is, is the p0121 code causing my car to run poorly when it pops up? And how do you fix this code, as I hear it's popular in cammed cars. Is it all in the tune, or is it a physical problem with the tps?

*I posted this in another section, but thought this may be more appropriate section?

07-23-2010, 07:23 PM
If its an auto then I am sure that the TPS could have something to do with the shifting issues. Had the TPS directly affect shifting with 2 vehicles in the past. Not F-bodys though. 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee and a 1994 F150 w/ 302.

07-26-2010, 01:30 AM
have same p0121 in my truck but does not set light and can only see with tech 2.have had tuned 5 tranny,tps,throttle body,check every sensor,also have checked gm flow chart and it points to tranny tourqe converter splines or inpunt splines.shifts funny and lacks full power mostly at part throttle.acks like it does not know where throttle is. truck ran fine before ls3 was at this comp thing sorry..
6.2 ls3 with l92 intake and fuel rails and injectores,90m throttle body elba,try ys,no cats,212,218 115 lsa 560 563 lift,ls6 springs,stock tranny and converter but