View Full Version : New here, 5.3 in a 69 Camaro help

07-23-2010, 06:43 PM
Hey guys
New here and hope i can get some help and good info on my swap.
I have a supercharged 383 that took a crap on me so I want to do a 5.3 in my 69 Camaro. I picked up a 03 5.3 from a silverado with harness but it does not have the computer, o2 sensors or the MAF. From what i understand, I have to use a 03 computer right?
My plans are ls6 intake, rails and injectors.(Need)
LS1 front accessories with brackets and pulleys.(I have)
Ls6 cam and springs(Need)
03 o2 sensors(Need)
03 MAF sensor (Need)
TKO 500 or 600 5 speed or T56 6 speed (Need) if cant aford it, I will use my Muncie 4 Speed.
a harness with new fuse box (Need)
new efi gas tank (Need)
and bunch of other stuff.......
and a tune
What els do i need to make this engine run? What is compatible and whats not with what I have listed.
If you have any of the stuff that i need for sale just hit me up. PM or Email

07-24-2010, 10:47 PM
Welcome to the site, lots of help here. You are doing a similar swap as mine, but I will be doing a ls1/t56 swap. As far as the stuff you need, any ls1 or truck pcm should work as long as is from a 5.3 or 6.0(I would check on this though) I believe. The MAF I would use one from a 6.0 truck engine, 02 sensors from a 03 z06 vette(they are longer) for your longtubes. I wouldn't waste my time and money on a ls6 cam, ls6 intake is well worth it compared to aftermarket prices. The t56 is also great and fun to drive and will save you a bunch of fuel compared to a 4 speed.

As far as what else you need I am not sure. Guage conversion for sure, bigger brakes if you dont have some yet, and good suspension is what I am doing as well. You can also give this a try,