View Full Version : fuel pump weakens when car warms up~~~

08-02-2010, 11:23 PM
ok if i drive my car down the road it runs balls to wall a minute or so like the fuel pump is warming up and getting weak... car will pop dwhen it sees max boost which is 7lbs or just whenever u put load on will even begin to have hesitations when running it hard like it is runnin out of fuel but just barely.. car has maggie mp112 with 42lb injectors with racetronix 255 with hotwire. previous owner i spoke to said pump was 4 years old.... wierd thing car never popped during tuning, we tuned it for the injs and blower unit, and it was perfect!! and we ran it harder than ever. this issue begin few days after tune.. u think i just finished off the pump.. car also like a backfire very minimal but does at times when im slowing down like pulling into my drive, usually goin less than 10 mph.. i know i need more ful tuner said pump was fallin to 50 psi in park if u reved it up bunch. so he thinks it is already weak, though it holds 66 psi at idle but unde load we feel its failing, any ideas... i am lookin at gettin fuel pressure gauge on dash along with a/f gauge, but tring to get the cash. it will help i know........ :usa:

pleas feel free to chime in ..

car has a4, cam heads 373 gears, mp 112 blower at 6-7 lbs, racetronix w/ harness. 42lb injcs