View Full Version : Comprehensive Gen III/IV Info

08-06-2010, 04:35 PM
Looking to find a comprehensive listing of Gen III/IV engine information...
The points I'm interested in are:

RPO Code (LS1, LY6 etc..)
Block material (Iron/Aluminum)
Head material (Iron/Aluminum)
Horsepower (Might be a range, depending on which car/truck its in)
Application list (What cars/trucks it was in)
Does it have VVT?
Does it have AFM?
Is it Flex Fuel-able?
The VIN letter used to represent it. (Does this stay the same between cars/trucks?)

I've used search here, sifted through various FAQs on multiple sites, and found lots of info, but I'm still missing a lot.

Even if someone can provide a good amount of information on one aspect of what I'm looking for, that would help.