View Full Version : C5/6 Eaton Posi Kit Specials!

08-13-2010, 02:43 PM
Any info you need to browse through can be found here (

Otherwise, these new Eaton Posi units will be offered a few different ways.

First off, just the unit itself. No bearings, no gears, no bolts, no gaskets, no I mean oil. No frills, just a man and his part.
Price - 779.95

Step up to to the Diff+Gears kit. You are thinking to yourself, my vette needs another reason to annihilate the tires, but I want to make sure that I win the next burn out contest at the county fair too.
Gears that we have available! (Since this unit will only fit numerically 3.15 or higher gear that is).
3.42/3.55/3.73/3.90/4.10. Gear sets of course come with the ring and pinion. Nothing else. So this kit is ring gear, pinion gear, and diff unit. Take your pick of gears
Price - 369.95 (gears) + 779.95 (posi) = 1149.90

For the entire kit of the Posi Unit, Gears, and Install kit, which includes all seals, bearings, and ring gear bolts as well not too much more!
Price - 1299.99

All of these kits can be supplimented with the GM C5/6 Vette diff fluid and friction modifier for $50 added to the kit. That is 2 quarts of the Gm Fluid and 1 4oz bottle of additive.

Standard shipping for all kits....(so far).