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This is starting to get ridiculous. Not long ago were the days when the Ferraris and Lambos were 'relatively' slow compared to what you could do with a modified LSX car, stang, etc. But now that there are cars like this rolling around (on top of the fact that they are already significantly faster in stock form than they were previously)... these cars are truly earning the title of 'super cars'...

It used to be that if you had a car that could trap 115-120 mph, you could be pretty confident on the street, even with the 'supercars.' Not anymore...

Anyway, it looks like Underground Racing and Heffner have some more competition... here is ( SP Engineering turbo LP640 Lamborghini... the LP900. (video) ( (

What do you guys think? Are these monsters starting to earn their title of 'super cars?'


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I agree with you 100%

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Pffft, I can beat that with my tricycle using Flintstone Power!!!

If I had the money ever for any Italian exotic car, let alone something like that. I will have to add myself to alot of people who would ^^^ "WANT!!!!"

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What do we think?

I think a collective "DO WANT" is a great answer here.

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This is the vid I was talkng about in the other thread.


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