View Full Version : BMR 2010 Camaro Wins Speed Stop Challenge at LS Fest

BMR Suspension
09-23-2010, 07:45 PM
Not only does BMR design and manufacture suspension products for the 2010 Camaro, but we also race what we make. BMR raced our 2010 Camaro mule car and won the Speed Stop Challenge at the inaugural LS Fest at Beech Bend Raceway. We are especially proud of our accomplishment because we were competing against shop cars and customer cars from many of the top suspension companies. Not only did we win the event with a time of 7.56 seconds, we were more than a half second faster than the second fastest challenger. Furthermore, we did it with stock brakes and stock brake pads!!

Not familiar with a Speed Stop Challenge? That’s ok. Most people have never seen this event before. The Speed Stop Challenge occurs on a drag strip. The driver launches the car from a dead stop at the starting line like a normal drag race. The car is driven at max speed for an 1/8 mile. However, rather than crossing the finish line at top speed, the driver must hit the brakes and come to a complete stop at the finish line. The car must stop in a 40 foot area. Too far and the driver is disqualified. Too close and the driver is DQ’ed also.

I am hoping that speed stop challenges start to increase in popularity. There is a great amount of driver skill involved since the run happens so quickly. This type of race also requires a suspension that is capable of launching hard, a braking system that is capable of stopping fast, a suspension that is capable of stopping quickly, and a powertrain that is capable of accelerating rapidly. Although this type of race does not involve cornering, it taxes a performance vehicle in more ways than most racing events.