View Full Version : Anyone can speak vietnamese? (or similar accents)

10-02-2010, 12:43 PM
I know this might be a bit of a stretch, but the dev team from Vietnam|Glory Obscured (, a mod for C&C Generals ZH needs help.
It's a total conversion for Zero Hour, set in the jungles of Vietnam. Everything you always see in old news and movies can be build here - Huey Gunships, Flame Tanks, F-105's..topped off with new animations and particle effects, more realism and unique revenue system.

To this date, only the US faction is ready and playable, but the NVA faction will be ready soon. The problem is, quote:
We are still in need of somebody to do the NVA voices. Ideally this will be Vietnamese, however at this point we would accept any far eastern accent. If we do not find anybody, you'll not only have my terrible American accent and ScreamingCricket's real one in the game, you'll have to put up with our terrible (and probably unintentionally racist) renditions for the NVA, too. So lend us your voice!

Maybe one of you can speak a bit or know someone who does and is willing to speak a few lines.
There's no pay, but you will be shown in the credits..

If anyone can help, report to the V|GO forums ( or send me a pm...

Here's a screenshot of the game: