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10-09-2010, 10:56 PM
I went to test and tune on friday night at Cayuga. I had a bad pass but I was very happy with it. I planned on doing a bunch of passes to try and set-up my meth injection kit but I had a little mechanical problem.
First and only pass
I left nice and easy and had a 2.18 60 foot. Then I noticed around 5000rpm in second gear I started leaning out and had to shift early. Pulled really nice second and third. Then I put it back into second long enough to hop the back tires. So I put it in 4th and finished the pass. It pulled really nice for not making more then 10lbs of boost at 5000rpm. Below 5k in ran a nice 10.5 AFR and around 5k and flashed 12-13AFR and I had to shift

60 2.18
8th 8.057
mph 92.20
1000 feet 10.51
1/4 12.45
mph 118.8

I was surprised I trapped 118 with messing up the 3-4 shift and not running close to 15 psi

I planned on turning on the meth earlier but I had a huge water leak and my night was over. My blower pulley rubbed a hole in a coolant hose.

I'm going to get the car in for a tune. I don't want to really on the meth.
Next time I'm hoping for a low 11 pass.

10-09-2010, 11:32 PM
Nice run how was the track prep?

I have noticed its really greasy on Friday nights.

The track was prepped well today,but man was it busy.

Good luck on getting to the 11's:)

10-09-2010, 11:39 PM
All the guys I went with had better times in the left lane. I only made one pass and I left at 2500rpm so I had no problem with wheel spin.