View Full Version : fuel pump and injector ????

10-18-2010, 02:38 PM
So I was wondering, would a set of 42 lb injectors out of a 2001 Ford lightning fit my 94 Z28 Camaro? My buddy has a set that he is willing to just give me because he is going to bump his up all though his truck is at the dealership getting repairs I have yet to get a chance to see them. I've googled a few images and they look relativley the same in size. Anyone have any info on this by chance on if they would fit and plug in?

They have 45K on them but you cant beat free in my eyes!!!! My 26 lb accel's are maxed out to 118% and I think that it's giving me an issue at the track when I'm WOT! Would this cause my car to sputter in a 1-2 shift and then a 2-3 shift, seems like a missed a gear or touched the rev limiter before changing gears..... It's an AUTO! Just had a SD tune done and the car runs fine on the street. The only think I've changed was tires! 28x10.5x15 slicks....The trans and stall are brand new. I did have a fuel pressure issue as well when we finalized my tune. It was dropping down from 41 psi to the 20's which killed it. I think we heat soaked the pump after a bunch of start and goes and data lodding and adjusting, but cooling down it ran just fine from that point. Just a thought! This is the only issue that I have so I figure it had to be related to my fuel lacking. People said it sounded like it was starving for fuel at the track but hell I dont know. I have a 255 Walbro but thinking of just replacing it maybe with the dual setup to be safe....I'm sure it's overkill but dont want to worry about it again. Sorry for the long thread!