View Full Version : Fast 10th anniversary firehawks?

Phoenix H.O.
11-05-2010, 06:24 PM
My buddy has a 10th anniversary firehawk that he has made into a fairly aggressive project. 9"rear, th400 tranny, full suspension, with a HKE built 398 ci, vic jr, with a tnt f2 kit and a direct port kit. my question is what are the fastest 10th hawks than any of you know of? i know most wouldn't do these things to such a rare car which is why i'm curious. here are a couple pics.

11-07-2010, 08:29 PM
GODDD That thing is perfect.I drool everytime I see pictures!

11-07-2010, 10:02 PM
Just awsome..

11-12-2010, 05:57 PM
Wow!! That is one good looking car!! Makes me miss my biggs-n-littles.


11-14-2010, 12:41 PM
Looks meas as s***!!

trans am 98
12-01-2010, 10:36 PM
I just fell in love that car is sexy as hell