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Robin L
01-07-2011, 02:45 PM
This is a NATURALLY ASPIRATED heads-up shoot-out style drag racing class.
Developed for naturally aspirated LS small block GM powered and bodied cars and trucks.
All races are on a .400 Pro Tree and in a heads up format.
This will be an ALL RUN qualifying format.
Vehicles are required to be stock appearing and stock bodied.
All vehicles MUST pass NHRA/IHRA safety inspection for ET and speed.
A Sportsman ladder will determine running order.
Vehicles must be driven to staging and to scales, can be towed after scales
Vehicles are required to run GM Performance Parts Sponsor decal and GM Performance Parts LSX Shootout license plate

Base CID Base weight
370 2600
420 2800
440 2850
470 2950

5.0 lbs/cu in penalty applies for cubic inches over base weight break limit. (Maximum cubic inch still applies.) All weights are with driver & rounded down to the five pound increment. Ex: A calculated weight of 3228 would be required to weigh 3225 with driver at scales.

# OEM style intake manifolds deduct 100 lbs.
**Canted Valve cylinder heads add 100 lbs.
*Manual transmission – weight penalty of 125 lbs. added to base weights
Ladder bar suspended combinations add 50 lbs.
Non OEM 4-link suspended combinations add 100 pounds
Entries with two throttle bodies or two carburetors (including 2 split dominators) add 50 lbs

Only LS based small block engines are allowed.
Cast aluminum or iron block required
Displacement will be verified by using the P&G method
Maximum of (2) mufflers are mandatory
4-inch maximum exhaust exit size
Gasoline is the only fuel allowed
Cylinder heads limited to LS OEM or LS OEM “Style” aftermarket head.
Billet cylinder heads are prohibited
**Canted valve variations permitted with 100 lbs. weight adder
Cylinder head must be identifiable to verify legality
Any modifications allowed to legal heads
Sheet metal intakes permitted
# OEM style intake manifolds deduct 100 lbs.
Dry sump oiling systems permitted

Any style carburetor permitted including split dominators-maximum 2-carbs add 50 lbs.
Any EFI system permitted. Maximum of 2 throttle bodies. 2 throttle bodies add 50 lbs.
Any Intake manifold allowed, including sheet metal/fabricated manifolds (*see weights)
OEM style intake manifolds deduct 100 lbs.
Any modifications permitted, manifold must be identifiable

Any OEM style automatic transmission permitted
Any non-planetary style manual transmission permitted *Manual transmission – weight penalty of 125 lbs. added to base weights.
Any torque converter allowed. Lock-up type permitted.
Torque converters not permitted with manual transmissions
Clutch-activated automatic transmissions (re: Clutch-flite) are prohibited

Aftermarket K-members allowed
Mini tubs and notched frame rails allowed
Factory rear frame rail required in OEM location
Wheelie bars are permitted
Stock type suspensions permitted with stock mounting locations
Non-OEM 4-links permitted with 100 lbs weight adder
Ladder bar suspended combinations add 50 lbs.
Coilovers permitted
Front-wheel drive conversions prohibited

Must be original appearing.
Floors must be upholstered, headliners required
Two seats are required in stock location, rear seat may be removed
OEM appearing dash required

Forward facing hood scoops prohibited except for OEM type
Cowl induction hoods permitted, 6” max
Light-weight or fiberglass body pieces limited to hood, doors, trunk/hatch and bumpers
Overhangs must be OEM, Wheelbase must be OEM +/- 1”
Replacement fiberglass/carbon panels must maintain OEM appearance and function
Rear spoilers permitted, max. length 26”, may not be molded into the body

OEM safety glass or Lexan Permitted. Window tint is prohibited forward of the “B” pillar. Tinted windows are not permitted forward of the “B” pillar, per NHRA requirements.

Electronic driving aids prohibited
Throttle stops, delay boxes and auto shifters prohibited
Two-step, trans-brakes and line-locks are permitted
Functional headlights, taillights and horn required
Any aftermarket ignition permitted

TIRES - FRONT: Front tires must have a minimum tread width of 4.5 inches.
TIRES - REAR: Street type or racing slicks permitted
Maximum actual measured tire size is as follows:
Actual measured tread of tire is limited to 10.75 inches by 30.5 inches tall
Actual tire width will be measured by a “go - no go” gauge after conclusion of run at scale area
Tire tread may not extend outside fender lip.
“W” tires prohibited, tire shaving prohibited

Absolutely no nitrous or other power-adder equipment will be allowed on the vehicle.
Nitrous plates, solenoids, soft or hard lines, nozzles, bottles or disconnected superchargers must be removed.

NMCA WINDSHIELD DECAL – must be installed on top of windshield. This NMCA decal must be the only decal on top of windshield. Other vehicle sponsor decals may be placed at base of windshield.
NMCA SIDE DECAL- must be installed on side widow of vehicle.
CLASS SPONSOR DEACAL- GM Performance Parts decal must be installed on lower right side of front windshield.

Decals are required to appear only on the rear quarter windows or rear window in a clear and orderly fashion. Contingency decals may not be overlapped or modified.

Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky Events:
$1,500 Win + Contingency + Plaque
$750 R/U + Plaque
$375 Semis
$100 Quarters

LSX Shootout – Indiana Event:
$2,000 Win + Contingency + GMPP LSX Bowtie Block + Jacket + Plaque
$1,000 R/U + Plaque
$500 Semis
$100 Quarters

01-14-2011, 07:58 AM
Rules look great. Only one issue, the rear tire. Nobody makes a 30" tire or a 29.5 with 90" or less rollout. You still have to run a 28 to get there.

Robin L
01-14-2011, 09:35 AM
The roll out rule was accidently left in from last years rules it has been removed.

01-14-2011, 06:48 PM
Thanks Robin.

08-01-2011, 05:07 PM
Please see midseason rule adjustments