View Full Version : need stock tvs2300 parts

01-16-2011, 11:14 PM
to anyone who has changed the rear pulley set up,, im looking for the factory plate/ tensioner for the rear pulleys,,, the tvs2300 i have has been modified at one point and has a different plate on the rear(looks like the 14rib over/ underdrive set up) but it has stock 10rib 3.25 / 3.00 pulleys, but no way to tighten the belt ,, ill post pics

so what i have is the 14 rib plate and tensioner, and this will not work with the 10 rib pulleys and belt,,

it would work if i could find a longer belt with the 14 rib tensioner pulley but i have been checking and no one makes a longer 10 rib belt.

the 10 rib belt does fit tight now but i have no way to re-tension it after everything wears in.

i also need the front idler pulley,

01-20-2011, 01:37 PM
found out the 3.25 / 3.00 pulleys are why the stock 10 rib belt wont fit with the tensioner,,, 3.00 pulleys on the way,, then i should be set