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02-04-2011, 02:34 PM
From Vararam Industries

This Latest version is a development of the original system. Proving that it takes a Vararam to catch a Vararam! Designed to remove the volume and the manuel adjustability that was built into the the original VR systems. We spent hundreds of man hours addressing the finicky nature of the OEM Camaro during cold start operation, removing any bucking, lumpy idles etc...we removed it all! (We also made a very important discovery regarding the OEM air meter, a must read covered in the airmeter section)

"No Tune" Models have seen Gains of 20-32HP / 22-40+ft lbs of Torque through the entire curve on the Dyno! Documented and data logged. Using EFI Live & wideband systems to verify air fuel ratio, "TUNE" models have reached 35-40HP+ on dyno with stock cars! Modified cars can produce more power!

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