View Full Version : 4l60e No Gears

02-13-2011, 02:54 PM
I just put a used 4l60e with 50k miles on it in my 01 z28 last night and it would not go into any gear. The fluid level was fine. So i checked to see if it had pressure by unhooking the cooler lines and of course there was no pressure going through the trans. So i automatically thought that the converter didn't get seated correctly. I dropped it today to check it out and the converter would not rotate when it was pushed all the way in, but if i pull it out a half inch or so the converter spins freely and the output shaft is also spinning and i can hear the pump circulating the fluid around. So i am completely stumped as to what it could be. Please any ADVICE would be appreciated.

Vince B
02-13-2011, 06:29 PM
I think that you broke the pump gears when you installed the trans. I have seen it happen 100's of times while building transmissions. Normally if the converter is not installed all the way in the trans this happens. Most guys use the bolts to draw the trans to the engine and while doing this they break the pump. Being that you can not turn the converter when its fully installed I would bet that the rotor is broken. Try to go in there with a pick and see if the gear will turn. Also that the two lugs are exactly 180* apart. I'm going to guess this will not be the case because you did not have any fluid pumping when you disconnected a line. Sorry but you will have to have the pump repaired. Vince