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02-19-2011, 05:42 AM
This 99frc is up for sale for the 1st time..This beautiful vette was driven by a friend of mine in a cold start up in cold weather, and drove it without my knowledge at almost WOT and locked up the motor :bang: sh!t happens ....Anyway at 63 and in bad health i can no longer work on the vette so i have to put it up for sale...It is caged and ready to race..all it probably needs is a good forged bottom end to go with the stage4 LS6 CARTEK heads and cam... b/4 it locked up at around 40mph. there were no codes or check engine light etc..just the tpms code since the sensors are in my house and did not have them put on.....The price is $14,500 firm.. I will entertain trades, especially a snow plow trk. chevy preferred......................
To see pics, click on my username GREG O. then MY PROFILE, then scroll to the right where it says SHOW ALL ALBUMS.....All pics and info. about my car are there...I live in Md. and first to reply gets top priority...thanks GREG O.
ps: this vette was totally built by CARTEK. heads,cam timing chain has less than 3k miles on her...5K worth of work. have receipts plus $6,500 fresh pro paint job.every peice taken off and prepped and painted and buffed etc. the way a paint job should be done.... thanks GREG O.

The beautiful frc is SOLD:chug:

02-19-2011, 08:20 PM
2 PM's replied to. $14,500 solid or trade even up or trade plus $$$$.
what do u have. i could even use a newer low mileage great mileage car

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