View Full Version : RHS tall deck intake adapter

02-20-2011, 12:45 AM
Anyone using a RHS Fast LS7 102 LSX intake and RRHS intake adapters on a tall deck LSX... When I went to install the intake on the adapters the locating pins were right on butt the bolts are off by about a 1/2 hole.. Also the LSX intake bolts were way to long.. The only thing I got with the kit was bolts for the adapters to heads and that’s it… I Haven’t been able to call their tech.. found the problem Fri afternoon and their tech is closed when most people work on their cars…
So I have couple of questions for the tech world

1. Has anyone else had problems using adapters?

2. What hardware did you get with your adapters?

3. what seals did you use on the adapters?

4. What did you TQ the adapters to?

Any help here is greatly needed...

04-01-2011, 08:59 AM
I'm running the RHS ls7 TD adapters. I have a ported LS7 intake and LSX tall deck block. Used the supplied hardware to bolt the spacers to the intake. Don't forget an extra set of intake gaskets as you'll need one set for the spacers and one set for the heads. Used the factory intake hardware to bolt the intake + spacers to heads. You'll also need an aftermarket steam vent setup such as the KUP system since they're now spaced wider than factory. No issues here.