View Full Version : 11's at kyhp shootout!

02-24-2011, 05:57 PM
I myself like about any car that can get down the track very fast. I doubt my Ls powered truck with ever get down the track in any form very fast. but I do have a Daily Driven honda civic that ran 11.8 @ 123mph during the kentucky horsepower shootout this past fall on 22inch slicks. I have bigger slicks this year so i hope for some low 11 sec passes.

Full interior p/s and all of that good stuff for the guys that think it is a stripped down shell. :)

95 civic coupe
93 octane pump
stock head with no porting
1.8 stock block and crank turbo
stock sleeve
pistons and rod motor
stock transmission
open diff
stock axles

less than 5k in parts including vehicle