View Full Version : Introducing : Motovative Trunk mounted Fuel Cell

02-28-2011, 08:59 PM

Quick picture from our project car. Dont mind the clutter :)

We are happy to introduce our trunk mounted aluminum fuel cell. It is made for a direct fit in the t-top well of 4th gen f-bodies (t-top racks must be removed). It holds 14.86 gallons, and is sumped with dual -8an output. It also features a single -8an return and a -8an vent. You will have to cut a small section of the t-top well out to accommodate the sump. The fuel cell also features 4 threaded mounting feet for an easy bolt in installation.

We take pride in our manufacturing, and these tanks have some of the nicest tig welds you have ever seen.

Pricing is going to run 359$ each. There is a around a 2 week build time as these are build to order.

PM me for details or ordering.