View Full Version : GI: 2001 Formula "WS7"

03-07-2011, 02:44 AM
Same car that is in my fquick page..

Current motor specs:

-25K stock shortblock out of a 2004 vette
-228R cam 113 lsa
-ls6 intake, ported tb, k&n intake

-Built TH350
-TCI 4200 stall
-Strange 12 Bolt with 3.73
-Yank transmission cross member.
-ES Poly torque arm mount.
-B&M 24K trans cooler.

-BMR Tubular K-member and lower arms.
-BMR Lower control arms and pan hard bar.
-BMR Lower control arm brackets.
-Spohn 25mm rear sway bar.
-Random Tech torque arm.
-Kenny Brown Double Diamond sub frame connectors

I also have a nos plate kit for the car, I have not installed yet, but I might before I go to get it tuned/dyno'd

I expect the car to make 380hp on motor even on the big stall with the 12bolt, with the 150hp shot, dialed in it should be in the range of 500-525hp pretty easy..looking at a low 11 sec, high 10 sec car.

I bought the car a few years back from a member on here. Wilwaxu. If you look it up, you can just about find the whole history of the car on this website.

This is not a daily driver for the faint of heart, It doesnt have A/C or power steering. It does have a Th350, with a manual vavle body and 3.73 gears out back.

I am looking to see what the market would be for it as together as it sits, or I am thinking of returning it to stock, selling the car at bluebook value, and then selling off all the parts.

Selling it as it sits I was thinking 10-12K.. Let me know what you guys think.

btw.. it has 72K miles rightnow.