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03-16-2011, 10:54 PM
I have a Moser 12 bolt that I've had in my car for years has about 25,000 miles on it. Has had gears replaced. Anyways pulled it apart, because it was making a lot more noise than normal. What I found was that the inner race of the bearing on the carrier turns when you turn the bearing cage. So at this point I'm thinking I'm gonna have to replace the carrier which is an Eaton Posi. The car is an M6 and supercharged putting down approx. 550hp. And probably will only see a few trips to the track. My question is should I just get another Eaton or something else?

03-17-2011, 11:53 AM
We offer a Wavetrac, Eaton, or US Gear diff for the 12 bolt rearends, but the problem of the bearing spinning on the diff needs to be addressed.
First, you need to make sure the caps are installed on the correct side. There should be a marking on the cap and the housing to be sure they go back where they came from when the housing was machined. If the caps are inmstalled wrong it will put the bearing bores out of alignment and possibly cause the issue you have. Then when you go to replace the diff unit, be sure to use both new bearing and races and apply some Loctite to the mating surfaces.

03-17-2011, 11:12 PM
Thanks for the info. When the gears were done I wasn't present so I don't know if the bearing was spinning then or if the caps were put back in the right place. I just assumed they were I see what that gets me.

03-18-2011, 08:25 AM
Not that I'm recommending this,but back in the 60s' & 70s',I would use Loctite 'Bearing Mount' to be able to re-use all the existing parts when money/funds were not available to actually replace parts.Never had a recurring problem with an assembly repaired in this manner. Race ID and carrier journal were cleaned with lacquer thinner and rough surfaces were left as is,the bearing mount compound filled the existing gap and hardened.
I used it at an industrial job and since it worked so well,I started using it for automotive use.