View Full Version : 10.366@133 .. 2nd time out with the fox

03-25-2011, 10:56 PM
Well ran her again .. 3 passes, 1 all motor. 2 on 100shot. The converter seems to feel like its loose up top and slipping a tad on spray so I need to look into another one. But here is a link to the car (old post)

and heres the slips... I wasnt concerned about r/t which i should have been figuring i have a bracket race next sat. I was more worried about what the car was goin to do. slip to the left was all motor, middle was the first n02 run and i didnt hit full throttle till after the 60ft. then the last one i sprayed right out of the hole and it spun and still did a 1.68 60ft which surprised me.

Any input on converter i should look into would be appreciated 383_o.jpg