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04-04-2011, 10:38 PM
ls1 stock with a .609-.609 lift. dur. I-240 E-242. 110 cl. 110 ls. stock 853 heads, ls6 intake, cai. pacesetter longtubes, straight exhaust with dynomax mufflers. turbo 400 tranny with 4000 stall. 9 inch with 4.10 gears,m/t drag radials only 313.8 hp 319.5 ft-lbs torque. on the dyno @ henson performance.that was the best from 5 pulls, runs 7.72 1/8 @88.61 mph --- 12.05 1/4 around 70 degrees, at mid 80 degrees 12.32 1/4 shifting @6200... will only pull to 1000 ft.@ 6100 rpms then flattens out ???? afr 12.5, 60 psi fuel pressure.
had someone else take a ride with hp tuners with wideband and verified that everything is as it should be. heads or cam to start with.. weight 3400 lbs. 1996 firebird. will start changing something after atlanta race. would like to get 11.s on motor is it possible

04-05-2011, 11:51 PM
That large th400 is eating up a lot of hp. You would probably pick up .4 just using a smaller auto. Your engine just does not have any thing left after 6k rpm. Better heads and intake would help also. I would want the engine to pull to 7500 rpms with you 4.10 gears.