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05-16-2011, 10:52 AM
Perusing the list below you'll find that this GTO has nearly all mods a guy could want or need; it's a far more well rounded car than the majority on the forums, having all the necessary stop, turn, and go mods to make it a safe, reliable, and fun street bruiser. I'd say it's one of the classiest looking ones on the forum, too, with just enough flash to be eye-catching, but none of the tacky spoilers, stickers, and what-not that make these cars look "rice". You'll also see that I've got a few extra parts waiting to be installed, so you can decide if you want to finish the work or sell 'em off for a little $$$.

Regarding the modifications receipts and retail pricing put them at over $17k. The engine work was done by RevXtreme in '04 and tuned by Jeremy Formato/FasterPROMs; previously dyno'd at 430rwhp/390rwtq with that "little" camshaft. Gears installed by SpeedInc. Instrument cluster and radio modifications by White Auto Media, while I did the other interior color changes in-house w/ help of an electrical engineer from work. I also have modified the AeroForce gauges with custom billet bezels and plain black faces. Suspension and brake work also done in-house. Spoiler delete was done "the right way", with the holes filled and painted. There may be other minor modifications done to the car that I forgot when making the list; I'm sure I got all the major stuff.

Price?: (15MAY2011) $18000k. I am able to deliver (trailer) the car to one of the surrounding states, if needed, or pick someone up at the DSM or CID airports.

Photos: Multiple LARGER photos available on my Picasa Album (

Mileage?: (15MAY2011) ~32,500 miles

On car:
AFR 205cc Heads, Angle Milled to 11:1
Comp Cams 224/228-113 .581"/.588"
Comp Cams 918 Valve Springs
Comp Cams Ti Retainers
Comp Cams 7.400" Pushrods
Comp Cams Double Roller Timing Chain
LS6 Oil Pump
SLP 160-deg T-stat
FAST 78mm Throttle Body
ASP Underdrive Pulley
MSD Plug Wires

Dynatech Longtube Headers
Catless Midpipes
Flowmaster Catback Exhaust
Lingenfelter Cold Air Intake

Spec 2+ Clutch
Spec Billet Steel Flywheel
GMM Race Ripshifter
Diff Technics 3.91 Rear Gears

BMR Strut Tower Brace
Pedders Strut Mounts
Pedders Strut Mount Bearings
Pedders F Castor (Radius Rod) Bushings
Pedders GSR F Struts
Pedders GSR R Shocks
Pedders 1" Drop F Springs
Pedders 1/2" Drop R Springs
Pedders F Endlinks
Pedders R Endlink Bushings
Noltec Diff Mount Insert Bushing
Noltec R Sub-Frame Bushings
Noltec R Inner Control Arm Bushings
Pedders R Outer Control Arm Eccentric Bushings
ARP Wheel Studs R
Hotchkis Sway Bars
Wilwood Brakes, 13" F
Wilwood Brakes, 12.2" F
SST Flex Lines / Fittings
Budnik M5 Wheels, 18x8 F, 18x9 R
BFG gForce Sport Tires, 245/40-18 F, 275/35-18 R

Blue Instrument Cluster Color
Blue Radio Color
Blue HVAC Control Color
Blue Button Colors
Aeroforce Scan Gauges (custom billet bezel and black face)
SCSS Gauge Pod
White Interior LEDs
Spoiler Delete Trunk (welded and painted)
CV8R Taillights
35% Window Tint
JHP Lip Spoiler (1st gen version)

CARMotorsports Hex Floor Mats
California Car Covers Dustop Cover

Not on car:
'05/06 Inner Diff Stubs (low mile)
Pedders F Inner Control Arm Bushings (NIB)
Pedders F Control Arm Radius Rod Bushings (NIB)
Noltec R Outer Control Arm Bushings (NIB, to replace Pedders eccentrics)
PYFC Exhaust Inserts & Tips (need to be installed and finished)
'05/06 OEM GTO Hood (needs repair and paint)

Take-Off/Extra Parts:
Stock Struts
Stock Springs
Stock Sub-Frame Bushings
Stock Endlinks
Stock Spoiler
Stock Rear Gears
Stock Brakes
Stock Sway Bars
High-flow Cat Converters
Stock HVAC Controls (extra)
Stock '04 PBM Hood (extra)
SpeedInc T/C Reverse Module (needs transistor replaced)

(15MAY2011) The following are all older photos pre-lip spoiler, but the car otherwise looks the same with exception of a cosmetic issue on the driver's side front fender which will be rectified prior to sale.

05-27-2011, 11:11 PM
i love this car.. don't like them with out some sort of spoiler but i love this car. any interest in a fbody with cash on my end, or a 07 dodge crew cab cummins with a 6 speed 4x4, would need some cash on you end of that one.

wish i could just buy it.. i love this car

06-01-2011, 11:02 PM
No interest in trades; attempting to raise funds for house purposes. The car does now have a JHP lip spoiler (1st design) installed on the trunk lid.