View Full Version : Wires under the air box

05-22-2011, 05:31 AM
Hi there,
I am a new member and was wondering if anyone can help me out. I just got some work done on the car and noticed these wires hanging out. I can't see where they go. They are right under the front of the airdam. There is a vacuum line and a small plug which aren't connected.
can anyone tell me where do these wires go?


05-22-2011, 08:10 AM
Those go to the windsheild washer fluid pump. It looks like that might have been removed.

05-22-2011, 11:17 AM
Yah, you are missing some stuff up there... what kind of work did you just get done? Maybe they did not put your car back together properly?

05-22-2011, 06:20 PM
yeap the windshield washer fluid tank isn't there. you're also missing 2 other pieces.