View Full Version : need input: built chassis, e85, have motor.... how to build it? turbo vs n/a

06-19-2011, 12:55 PM
i can't decide between 2 different combos. and it's time to start gathering parts. i'll list the facts below, and my 2 different ideas. please help me choose one over the other.

1995 mustang, fully built chassis (cage, mini tub, full suspension, etc.)

th400, w/ trans brake

big fuel system

has 3.27 gears, but can be changed easily

i have an lq4 longblock sitting in the garage. stock with 60k on it. also have a carbed cathedral port intake, but can swap with no issues

anyways, i am looking for this car to be driven to the track, run mid-high nines and drive home. plan to run e85 to help with this goal. car should weigh around 3100-3200 lbs

i don't have unlimited funds to finish the motor, but won't take big short cuts to do it. i'd like to do an n/a motor for simplicity and less things to worry about. same reason the car will be carbed for n/a or turbo. pro systems or csu will get the job done. so, please help pick the setup

keep the stock longblock, usual upgrades... rod bolts, timing chain, custom cam, valve springs. add a good turbo and run with it? e85 will allow a large pillow for tuning and boost, and i know i can hit the times i'd like. i've had turbo cars in the past and just got tired of the small things breaking, melting etc

or grab some l92 heads, and do some forged pistons/rods to raise the compression to like 13:1, get a custom cam that gets the top end power i'd need. possibly add a 100 shot to get mid 9's?

i figure money i'd spend on turbo, pipe, wastegate, bov would be similar to rods/pistons and machine work. wouldn't be exact, but i'd fab the turbo setup myself. just curious if the n/a 370 can get the power down with high compression.


let me know if i'm leaving anything out. i'm in afghanistan, it's late evening and i'm fuckin tired

06-19-2011, 01:21 PM
here's a few pics of the car in the works

06-19-2011, 01:27 PM
Well if you have a nice car like that, I would go for the more extreme side of an engine build, or at least a really high powered streetable engine (boosted)
where at in AFghanistan?

06-19-2011, 01:41 PM
arghandab valley, north of kandahar

thanks for the input. i've been building the car for almost 2 years off and on. i'd like to get it together when i get back and start driving it. it has snowballed a lot from where i started. as it usually does. i know the turbo setup will pay off down the road which is the big picture anyways.

was also considering doing some 243 heads to up the compression with the turbo since i'll run e85. 243's and 317's flow the same, correct? so i wouldn't be giving up any performance, just helping the spool and using less boost in theory

a high compression, and a big cam would just make it a nasty street car. just less things to worry about too. that's what keeps me going back and forth