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06-21-2011, 02:19 AM
I placed an order, well over a month ago while I was in afghanistan and have yet to receive the major purchases. I ordered a nitrous outlet plate kit, purge kit, extra 4an lines for my gauges which I did receive, a FTP lid, SLP MaF which I received. Everytime I call, they are very polite but I still do not have my Nitrous kit and purge, and my FTP lid. It has been over a month and these are readily available products from what I was told so I don't see how I have t received them. Was told the FTP lid shipped last week, not here. Was told that the guys at nitrous outlet needed bottle valves, 3 days late it was the plates are getting machined, I am about ready to say screw it and give my money back. TR if you see this I will be coming through baton rouge Friday, and will stop by and have words with the boss if necessary. And if I don't receive my parts my lawyer will be in contact with you as well. I am done playing games and done being nice. Don't tell me stuff is on a 10 day backorder and let it be a month later and not get it. Also a suggestion, list that stuff is out of stock on your website!

Chad Rousseau

06-21-2011, 05:37 PM
I am that one that you have talked earlier today. I did just confirm that the Nitrous kit shipped today, and I'm just waiting on him to email me the tracking number. Also, did you get your FT Lid today? It showed it was out for delivery earlier today.

As soon as I have the tracking number, I am going to email it over to you, and you should have it tomorrow.