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06-22-2011, 12:37 AM
First of all sorry about no pics/graph. I wasn't there and this is my best friends camaro that we just did last week. They dyno tuned it today. About 80 degrees & 82% humidity = I know not ideal conditions but he goes back to base with it Friday so we had to get it done.

Before / baseline:
Car had been on conventional motor oil of some type.
Stock exhaust & mani's
K&N drop in air filter (dirty, thing looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a year or more)
Granetelli Lid
1pc Aluminum driveshaft
Stock 3.42 gears
304.4rwhp & 320rwtq
The guy who dyno'd it said he believed it had a programmer installed also to put those kind of numbers down.

We went to GM and had the computer flashed to newest stock update to reset the VIN where the computer could be tuned.

After / final:
Washed/clean K&N drop in filter
Granetelli Lid
1pc Aluminum driveshaft
Stock 3.42 gears
New Energy suspension tranny mount
NGK TR55's (.45 gap)
Taylor Thunderbolt Ignition wires
Hardened 7.400 pushrods
TSP 224/228 .581/.588 114lsa "blower cam"
Newer 241 stock/not ported heads w/PAC .650 beehives & new stem seals
All new gaskets of course
OBX longtube headers
Custom exhaust w/slp mufflers
TSP high volume oil pump
LS2 timing chain
SLP underdrive pulley
Powermaster high output alternator
Gripforce Stage 3 6puck clutch w/ lightweight flywheel
AIR/smog delete
EGR delete
NEW LS6 GM intake
New Sealed Power lifters
Mobil 1 5-30 Full Sythetic

And it did.... 382rwhp & 384.9rwtq

I was pretty happy with the results.
Small cam, stock heads w/o porting and just a lot of cleaning and deleting smog junk. Now we just have to get a shifting problem figured out. Car runs stout though. Hopefully won't be long and we'll get to try the "blower" part of the cam out lol.

06-29-2011, 07:24 AM
nice setup my friend
good luck with your car
go out and kill some toyota corolas ( C6 )
haha i call them corollas because they are slow :)

07-21-2011, 03:18 PM
Nice #'s !!!!!!! DeadSiIence r u talking about a Vette C6 being Slow ?