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07-01-2011, 11:42 AM
I purchased some push rods from Thunder Racing a while back & asked for my reward points to be redeemed in an attempt to save myself some money.
I received the parcel 2days ago & responded by sending them this E_mail:


I've just received a parcel from yourselves, but happened to notice that on the declaration slip the shipping is $33.82.
But on the invoice the cost is:
Item $119.99
Shipping $73.21
Invoice total $193.20
Points redeemed -$31.32
Credit from last invoice -$5.00
Total payable $156.88

I am just wondering if I hadn't used my reward points would the total still be $73.21 or $33.82? The $73.21 shipping cost making me wonder if you have charged me that amount so as not to lose more on the already discounted item, which altogether brought my total to $3.07 more than the customs value.

When I received the total from you guys I had assumed that you'd forgot to redeem my points & was hoping that was the case when I opened the parcel. I've always had great service from you guys & was hoping using my points would save me some money on ordering some parts I needed that I could have got from another sponsor, using USPS shipping calculator to the UK which comes to..... You guessed it $33.82.

Martin S Park"

I'm unhappy at the unreasonable shipping cost! I wouldn't have minded if it had been $40 to cover the cost of packing materials, but to add on another $39.39 to counteract the fact I'd used my reward points plus $5 credit from my last order.
I thought the point of the reward system was for customer loyalty, in fact the only reason I(Or most other people) purchased off TR rather than other sponsors selling items at a similar price was to accumulate points to save money in the future, but instead it ended up costing me more! Even though the item weighed 2.7lbs and on the USPS web site, an item weighing up to 3lbs sent priority mail to the UK is $33.82!

07-04-2011, 05:27 AM
Martin, I can tell you with 100% certainty that the shipping price has nothing to do with any discounts on your order. Typically on international orders, our shipping manager sets the shipping price after the order is put in our system. It definitely looks like something went amiss on this order, and I have no problem getting you credited back. We are out of the office until Tuesday, and I will be able to look at in more detail at that point. Shoot me an email to as a reminder since I can't be held accountable for what I type at 4:30am, lol :)


07-04-2011, 11:28 AM
Thanks Angie,

Because I still wanted to buy a set of injectors off you guys as well! If that's OK?
I was just a bit shocked at the differences in price so I apologize for jumping to conclusions.