View Full Version : Car show, State College, PA

07-14-2011, 11:23 PM
Anyone interested in attending a car show near State College, PA. It's not a large show but is still a good time.

The name was born due to an ordinance being passed outlawing cruise downtown State College. A local radio anouncer made a gester that "we should have one last cruise before the ordinance takes affect". Apparently, this last cruise choked the downtown.

Since then, they allow "Last Cruise Car Show" entries to make laps of the downtown from 6-8 pm that evening legally.

If you think you have a great vehicle, submit an application to be apart of "Best of the best". It's a separate show downtown from 6-9 pm. Something you might want to check out. I just plan to be part of the noise downtown.

Any interest?