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07-19-2011, 11:36 AM
We had a customer with a 2010 Camaro M6 that originally had us install a set of Kooks longtube headers, catted midpipe, Corsa exhaust, Airaid CAI, and our custom dyno tune.

With these mods, the car made 420 RWHP / 412 RWTQ.

Last week, we installed a Whipple 2.9L supecharger. This increased power to 612 RWHP / 523 RWTQ. Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos before the car left.

The customer posted on another site saying:

"Recently, I had Livernois Motorsports install and tune a Whipple supercharger on my 2010 LS3 Camaro SS. I am extremely happy with the results. The car previously had Kooks 1 7/8 Headers, Corsa Exhaust and a Roto-Fab Intake. The power went from 420 RWHP to over 610 RWHP.

I want to thank everyone at Livernois Motorsports for their great work on my car. In particular, I want to thank Andy Ricketts who gave outstanding customer service. The driveability of the car is excellent due to the skillful tuning by Dan Millen. I find it pretty amazing that a car with over 610 RWHP drives like a factory car. I am not sure who the mechanic(s) were that worked on my car but the install is very well done.

The stock tires don't have a prayer at getting traction if I put the pedal to the floor instantly, but if I ease into the throttle the car pulls very hard. I love the adrenaline rush!

The bottom line is, I am very happy and highly recommend the Whipple Supercharger and Livernois Motorsports."

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Rick LeBlanc
Livernois Motorsports