View Full Version : Running a racetronix below 1/4 tank

07-27-2011, 02:08 PM
Is this a no no? I've heard that running a performance pump below 1/4 can cause the pump to overheat and become damaged. Is this true?

Lonnies Performance
07-27-2011, 10:20 PM
The Racetronix will perform exactly as stock, so you are ok under 1/4 tank.

Common practice is to refill at 1/4 tank regardless of the pump style.

07-27-2011, 11:27 PM
Ive done it plenty of times, yet I know its not good for it over time.

07-28-2011, 11:46 PM
as long as the pump works..........the bucket is full.......and the pump is cool

Lonnies Performance
07-29-2011, 12:38 PM
You can drive the car until empty, but I do not recommend racing or hard acceleration when the fuel level is low. Under hard acceleration, the fuel can be drawn away from the bucket. The pump then relies on the reserve of fuel in the bucket to feed the car. If you have a high HP motor this is only a few seconds worth of fuel. The bucket works fine on a stock vehicle, but if you have big power, you will quickly use the small volume of fuel in the bucket...