View Full Version : Gforce Fabricated IRS 9" on Sale for the GTO

Gforce Engineering
07-29-2011, 04:05 PM
For the IRS Crowd, we have a blow out sale for you :D

For a limited time only..

$500. off the total package!
$4400. for the complete package (pumpkin included)
Explore our web site for package prices.

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The Gforce Fabricated 9" kit is the bad boy of IRS diff packages.
It features a fully fabricated housing using 3/8" face plates and 3/16" covers. All the parts are tig welded and cnc machined or laser cut.
Our housing is a true bolt in housing using only a front bracket, the rear housing mounts bolt directly to the cradle.
We have also totally redesigned the rear bushing arraignment to use a large heavy duty BMR bushing to give a good solid firm ride.
Our 9" kit was designed around the heavy duty Strange Pro Iron pumpkin and requires absolutely no cutting or welding of any kind.
We went all out and even provide billet machined aluminum ABS brackets!

The kit comes standard with 31 spline inner stubs that can be used with the 31 spline Eaton truetrac or the 31 spline Wavetrac.
We also keep the big 35 spline stubs that are available for use with the 35 spline Wavetrac in a Moser pumpkin.

The kit can be ordered with or without a pumpkin.

Custom powder coat colors available, comes standard in black powder coat.

The Gforce 9" kit comes with:

Fabricated housing
All brackets and hardware
Billet machined ABS brackets
Level 2 1000hp axles (anti wheel hop)
Inner stubs (31 spline standard, 35 spline available with Moser Wavetrac) Housing
3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft (3.75" Carbon Fiber shaft available)

Chris @ Gforce