View Full Version : For those with P0102 code, MAF circuit input low

08-16-2011, 09:40 PM
Hey everyone. So 2 weeks ago I got an engine light code saying both my o2 sensors were bad. After much trial and error it turned out to be the MAF sensor. I got a replacement remanufactured MAF sensor from NAPA and the light went off for 3 days. The light came on again after 3 days and it had a new code, P0102. I figured the MAF sensor I got was a defect so I exchanged it for a new one. An hour later it came on again with the same code. Took it back in exchange for another new one. Right after I put it in, light came on again, same code. I checked the voltage in the wires, connectors, even probed the PCM and everything was normal. Checked the eng senseor fuse, that was fine too. checked the o2 sensor wiring for a loose or shorted wire, o2's were good too. I was about to give up. I called NAPA and asked for another brand of MAF sensor. He got an original equipment brand of delphi. I came to pick it up, opened the box and said,...."uhh this looks wrong". My stock MAF sensor was aluminum, square, and had a spliter in it. This one was black plastic, round, no spliter, and the sensors to moniter the air were all in a straight line inside, not in a triangle like the original one. It even had a seperate connector on it also. I was about to send it back when I saw a letter attached to the MAF sensor. It said GM had discontinued the original design of the MAF sensor due to many issues with it, and came up with a new design. Apparently the MAF I got is the new version. I plugged it in, reset the ECU, and have driven 100 miles so far with no engine light and engine runs strong and smooth. No more rough idle or bucking or engine light. For people who get this engine code and replace it wth a junkyard maf or a new one with the old design experiance the same engine code shortly after. Make sure you get the new version from delphi. I figured Id help people who had this issue since I researched for weeks and never found a solid solution.