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08-24-2011, 02:10 PM
My 2000 T/A WS6 has ~50,000 miles, had 21,000 when I bought it in Sept '09. It's my DD & I've babied it while also modding it. It's not "Excellent", but damned close - a few rock chips and a cracked rear light. Interior is like flawless, changed out Monsoon sound for Kenwood Excelon 995 head unit, Hertz Energy speakers and Alpine amplifier. Automatic tranny. Following the guidelines, I find KBB has $11840 (good) to $12365 (excellent), NADA has $10050 (clean trade-in) to $12525 (clean retail).

mods are:

Done in Sept. 2010, gave 340 rwhp
Kooks stainless L/T & catted y pipes
Borla adjustable stainless exhaust
UD pulley
LS6 intake
SLP lid
K&N filter
I figure this stuff used & parted out is worth about $1400

Done in Feb. 2011, gives ~435 rwhp (could tune for more but I don't want to push the stock motor)
Vortech V9 HO S/C (9 lbs boost)
SLP lid & UD pulley switched out for stock
Prosport EVO boost & wideband AFR gauges
I figure this stuff worth about $2200 ($2000 for supercharger)

suspension mods
BMR performance front & rear sway bars, adjustable panhard, boxed subframe connectors, drive tunnel brace, control arm relocation brackets, Bilstein shocks.
I figure this stuff worth about $500

Parts I still have (but not on car): UD pulley & belt; Vogtland lowering sport springs; Tokico gas shocks; shock tower brace; stock WS6 sway bars & panhard.
This stuff maybe worth another $200

Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 tires with lifetime balance & rotation, have 5000 miles and have been rotated once. 3 year (transferable) alignment program that goes until August 2014.
Don't know that it adds to price, but surely is a bonus.

Negatives: A/C leaks and needs to be recharged two ro three times during south Texas summer; repair estimate was $1200. It was like this when I bought it in 2009 and doesn't seem worse.

Based on all of this, would it be reasonable for me to ask $15,000 with everything included - or even $16,000? I'm not desperate to sell, I've just decided I don't enjoy it as much as I thought I would & I'd rather get into a "luxury" car.

Many thanks to any who made it through all of this rambling and I appreciate your advice.

08-24-2011, 04:16 PM
First off, it is not rambling. It is a nice detailed description. Unfortunately no, you won't get that kind of money. In good economic times, there would be a possibility of approaching those numbers but not right now. There used to be a general rule of thumb to add 25%-33% of your mods original cost to the added KBB or NADA figures when selling a car. It just is not the case anymore. Of course your lower mileage WS6 is worth every penny of what you would like to get (except for the a/c issue) but getting real money for it is unlikely to happen. There have been examples of even lower mileage, really nice cars (heavily modded) posted here that just get insulting lowball offers. Are there exceptions? Of course, but not likely. Your 'luxury car' is going to have to wait unless you can afford both which would be the best of both worlds :nod:

08-24-2011, 05:29 PM
Thanks for the reality check! As I read your answer, $14k or $15k would be a reasonable price in a different economic environment (the good ol' days), so I can advertise it at that level now in good conscience and just see what happens - right? I guess the next question is do you have any suggestions about where I might advertise besides here and the other usual suspects (AutoTrader, ebay, etc.) for a modded car like this? Obviously, I don't want to return it to stock condition.

Thanks again

08-25-2011, 12:31 PM
Glad to assist. You can definitely ask that amount. It gives negotiating room too. Just don't be disappointed if no responses. You never know unless you try.
As far as advertising, I've completely stopped with ebay now after all the changes and the $125 fee (which they do everything in their power to keep whether the sale goes through or not). Autotrader is the best 'bang for the buck' with their 8 week $30 deal (no additional fees). It gives you about 8 or 9 pictures too. It's been about 2 months now since I last listed for an area car club member and I don't remember exactly. I never recommend Craigslist to anyone due to the potential criminal element that responds to the ads. That would be up to you and how well you could deal with this possibility. Hemmings is not good for a car like yours so it doesn't leave you many choices. is used by many but I personally am not knowledgeable about them. Good luck!