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Fast Toys Performance Parts
09-03-2011, 01:30 AM
This weekend only you can get a JAAM WS6 Ram Air Kit for OEM WS6 cars for only $ 189.00 shipped!

JAAM 98-02 WS6 Ram Air Kit
The JAAM Ram Air System is designed to force cold, high-pressure air into your engine to build more horsepower. By using all four snorkels of your WS6, the system brings in cold fresh air, which contains more oxygen (denser) than the warmer air the car normally breathes. In addition, this system will achieve a substantial pressurizing of the LS1 air box and at speeds as low as 60 mph.

Your car will also benefit from improved throttle response, better highway passing power and increased top end pulling power. Many customers have also been experiencing 5-10 % better fuel economy from the increased efficiency of their motors. Typical 1/4-mile improvements are 1 to 2 tenths and 1.5-2.5 MPH increase in trap speed. This is over the free air mod and factory installed ram air systems!

The system has been tested on a 2000 WS6 and has shown to have 4 times more pressure under full throttle then the stock WS6 ram air and 3.5 times more than the Free Ram Air mod. Testing has shown that the pressure drops less than .25” WC for the SDS ram air system vs. 1.0” WC for stock WS6 ram air under full throttle conditions.

The JAAM Ram Air System has been tested under extreme rain conditions and has shown that no moisture will make it past the air cleaner. Under these conditions, the air filter might be slightly damp, but dries out within minutes. Because of this, we recommend using a K&N or Holley Power Shot air filter. This product has undergone 3 years of field testing and still has the original seals. No failures have occurred.

This low cost modification can give you 15-20 HP increases at 100 MPH. Power will continue to increase as you go faster! The system is constructed of 5061 aluminum that is Laser cut and is features clear anodized finish.

Don't settle for poor imitations, which do not offer the same level of testing, engineering, quality or performance. The JAAM Ram Air System has been designed and tested by Mechanical Engineers using water column pressure gages. We even tested our system without snorkels screens with all openings sealed and saw no increase in pressure. This is one modification that you can really feel the difference.

Includes all necessary hardware and detailed instructions to complete an easy, bolt-on installation.

** Free shipping offer for continental U.S only.

09-05-2011, 12:23 AM
Hey Fast Toys,

Can the air dam piece be cut without the hole for the windshield washer fluid reservoir? For us guys that have ours deleted :)

Fast Toys Performance Parts
09-06-2011, 12:00 AM
Hey Fast Toys,

Can the air dam piece be cut without the hole for the windshield washer fluid reservoir? For us guys that have ours deleted :)

Sorry but they have all been pre-cut.

This deal ends shortly!