View Full Version : vss dead or what

09-04-2011, 02:31 AM
hey guys so i bought a car and the speedo was crazy, changed it for a autozone vss and it worked perfect for a day......after that only when i floored it the needle would do anything, so thinking i had a defective part, i ordered a ac delco unit, put that one in and it doesnt work at all the thing is dead, taking out the original i noticed that in the original speed sensor of the car there is metal exposed at the base of it, something the new unit does not have,

My battery died the other day so when i jumped my car i noticed that the speedo needle went up and down with the rest of needles so it looks like the mechanical part is ok, but cant get it to work or know how to troubleshoot from here... in hp tuners there is no speedo reading either..

thanks in advance for all your help guys