View Full Version : Weird A/C compressor issues

09-05-2011, 11:35 AM
Alright, Got a new engine in the car a few months ago and finally got around to doing the a/c. Old compressor was leaking at the housing. Got a new compressor, new drier/accumulator, and new orface tube. System has the proper amount of oil. Put it on one of those rental vacuum pumps for about 8 hours and held vacuum overnight. Went to recharge the system today.

Added one can (12 oz) of r134a and compressor didn't kick on. Check all connections and all seemed good. unplugged and plugged the lowside switch in the compressor. Started car back up and compressor then kicked on, so I started adding the next can. Stop adding after getting about 48 psi low side and around 300 psi high side. Still had a few oz's left in the can, so about 22-23 oz of r134a in the system.

Now here's where it gets weird, after about 2 minutes of running at idle with the air blowing pretty cool, the compressor will shut off. I can turn the car off and then right back on and the compressor will kick back on. 2 minutes later it shuts off.

Now, I'm pretty sure 300psi is fairly high on the high side, it's about 90 degrees out right now. I am throwing a misfire code from the cam I'm running and it idling about 750rpms.

My thoughts are that it is one of a few things. 300 psi is too much and it's shutting the compressor off, there's some faulty wiring somewhere, or the misfire code is telling the compressor to shut off as some sort of fail safe.

What do you guys think?

09-05-2011, 07:50 PM
Alright, took it on an errand today. It was working fine as long as I kept the rpms up. While driving, and if I didn't come to a complete stop the compressor stayed on and I had great a/c. But, after I stopped for about 15 seconds the compressor turned off. After getting home I took a look at it and after starting the car the compressor will turn on, then the car will start shaking pretty well (poly motor mounts, 236/242 cam, 750-800rpm idle with a/c off) but not really stumbling on itself. After it starts shaking the compressor will turn off and it'll go back to a normal idle. The a/c wasn't working properly when tuned. So for now I'm gonna guess it's due to the idle needing to be adjusted while the a/c is on.