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09-27-2011, 09:02 PM
So...just out of curiousity, in case I decide to sell this to some guy who has money and just wants a turn-key ready to roll BUILT car. If he offers me enough I'll sell it.....but I have no clue what it'll be worth.

Paint is new and looks simply BADASS.....repainted last year.
Tires are half-way worn.
Factory WS6 Rims.....they suck..........
Interior is a 8/9 out of 10. couple worn out spots on the driver seat that need repair or seat covers redone. Two small areas with "quarter" sized cracks starting in the soft dash pad.
Everything works electrically and otherwise.........everything.
1,000 watt amp, Matts speakers, 12" woofer in a stealth box, factory deck with the 12 CD holder in the back. All works perfectly. has everything in my sig.
Plus these things in the next week or so are going in:
Techna-Fit steel braided brake lines
Fule filter
New calipers and brake pads all around
New LCA Relocation brackets
New Spohn TQ Arm with cross-member mount
New front hub wheel bearings
New rear axle seals and bearings in the Strange rear-end
New heater core
New heater hoses
New 2" LT headers
New custom Y to a Flowmaster 3" inlet merge to 4" outlet to the MagnaFlow muffler
...already put on new upper/lower/crossover-line coolant system hoses
...already has a new battery...3 months ago
...tranny was fully rebuilt 2 months ago with the best 4L60E parts available and has dual tranny fluid coolers
...PCM was replaced about 1 year ago plugs and wires 3 weeks ago

Now the biggie:
I'm having my current engine pulled out and having it rebuilt to a 441ci with new upgraded LS7 ported heads and a ported LS7 (or Fast 102mm) intake. New more aggressive cam and it'll be 11.3:1 cr. And of course all the basic rebuild stuff: bearings, rings, gaskets, new oil pump, new double timing chain, and whatever else is worn out will be replaced.
****Its also getting a 100% new wiring harness.
.....It WILL have 600 RWHP or damn close.... :devil:

A friend of mine told me to raffle it off.....people buy a $10.00 ticket and someone wins it.......INTERESTING idea. Maybe ebay.........

Anyway....It will be a fresh car from bumper to bumper, new 441ci with a 2yr/24,000 mile warranty (N/A only)........what do you think a good sale price would be for all that????


09-27-2011, 10:24 PM
I don't think you want to know. You're going to lose money, and probably a lot.

09-27-2011, 10:26 PM
You might get $15k-$16k out of it these days...heavily modded cars like yours really limit your market.

09-27-2011, 10:44 PM
Yeah don't expect to get someone to buy the car with the mods for a premium price. No one ever makes money or comes out even selling a heavily modified car. You should only build a car if you really want to keep it. It's impossible to flip a build 4th gen fbody and make a profit. I don't want to even say how much I have put into my car, but I can tell you that if I sold it I'd get a fraction of what it's worth. Good thing for me that the car is worth way more to me than anyone would ever pay.

09-27-2011, 10:46 PM
Always keep stock parts so if the guy wa.ts it stock and in 10 yr they are going to pay a lot more for stock.

09-27-2011, 11:36 PM
You might get $15k-$16k out of it these days...heavily modded cars like yours really limit your market.

Yea...I hear ya.

Its gonna cost me about $6,800 to get the engine rebuilt, including the R&R and tune, heads, intake and new cam. Car has been paid off since 2000.

I'll tell this guy $22,000.....see if he wants it. He probably will after we go for a ride. :D At least I can say without BS'ing it has pretty much every mod possible for a Normally Aspirated car. And I can tell him with honesty he'll be driving a car with 10 second 1/4 mile potential. I've known the guy for years, he's always loved the car. He's a semi-rich 24 year old. Mommy and Daddy gives him whatever he wants. Nothing crazy though, they're not gonna buy him a Lambo or a house. He goes to college at UF, some kind of Masters Degree program and lives with them when he's here. He drives a brand new BMW 330, the little twin turbo one, nice car.

Cool, we'll see.

I like the raffle idea.....if I can get just 3,000 people from all the forums everywhere to give me $10.00 each for a raffle ticket....that'll be pretty nice. And for $10.00 someone will get a BADASS car.....


09-27-2011, 11:40 PM
Always keep stock parts so if the guy wa.ts it stock and in 10 yr they are going to pay a lot more for stock.

Everything you see in my sig was installed all at the same time back in 2002.....stock parts are all long gone.

This has been my daily driver for almost 14 years.