View Full Version : Driveshaft Shop announces an exclusive 33 spline Wavetrac for the 9" kits

Driveshaft Shop
10-11-2011, 10:48 AM
Dss is proud to announce its exclusive deal with Wavetrac for the 33 spline 9" Ford units, this is the same 33 spline the outer CV on the Camaro has and will compliment the 9" kits. we only went with 33 spline as the 31 and the 35 spline unit is an exclusive with Moser and we wanted to be able to sell the diff with our Strange case and other internals. This Diff is in stock and we will have the stubs done shortly. This also allows us to make a new "PRO" version of the 9" using a outer we are developing with a 33 spline internal so the entire axle will have 33 splines all the way thru. so if your serious about having the best 9" kit that will now include the strongest axles that are second to none along with a Wavetrac diff its here now at DSS. (just in case an Eaton or Locker isn't up to the job)